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hittin the books is for idiot crooks
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20th-May-2009 09:26 pm(no subject)
lewis and clark
enveloping, embracing, and caressing me both inside and out,
moving in ripples along my skin,
flowing between my fingers,
swirling around my arms and thighs,
rolling in the eddies along the roof of my mouth,
slipping ceaselessly through the throat and esophagus to fill the lungs, to feed my blood, my heart, my self...
i am immersed in its depths as surely as fish are immersed in the sea...
30th-Apr-2009 02:11 pm(no subject)
lewis and clark
work is so boring. school is so boring. fiona wont stop barking.
a vacation or sweet party is needed. soon.

call me!
28th-Apr-2009 10:25 am(no subject)
lewis and clark
get me on the diva floor for the beyonce concert. whos got $3000?
17th-Mar-2009 03:55 pm - im trippin
lewis and clark
i have a seven miniute speech in an hour and i forgot what the topic is.

livin the sweet life,
16th-Mar-2009 06:12 pm(no subject)
lewis and clark
theres so much bad and its hard to look for the good, but hey- thats what we gotta do
12th-Mar-2009 01:51 pm(no subject)
lewis and clark
i listen to big boy in the morning, and i love "i hate it when, wednesdays" because i laugh all the way to school.
"i hate it when youre listening to a song on the radio with a siren in it and you slow way down and start glancing out of all your mirrors"
"i hate it when fools try to holler when youre 7 month pregnant!"

lewis and clark
"border control just made me smash my bong. lol"
13th-Feb-2009 01:27 pm(no subject)
lewis and clark
i love valentines day. not because of all my dates (that i never have.) but because i get flowers, hugs, gifts, "i love you miss allison"s, and ratatouille or monsters inc. valentines cards from all of my tiny tots at work.
tomorrow night im working a teen valentines day dance at the park. dances are always crazy and alot of fun.
sleep overs and apple valley this weekend
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